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Help for refugees

Institutions from integration work as well as committed citizens have developed and made available a wide range of support services for refugees in Bottrop. On this page you will find most of these offers, divided into categories.

Dedicated citizens who want to become active themselves and work for refugees can turn to the voluntary agency Bottrop with their offer. This then provides the contact with the responsible contacts.

Arbeit, Berufsausbildung und Studium / employment, apprenticeship and studies/ travail, formation professionnelle et études

Bekleidung / clothes / garderobe

Beratung / counselling / consultation

Essen / food / manger

Gesundheit /health / santé

Kindergarten / playschool / jardin d'enfants

Kreativität, Kunst und Kultur / creativity, art and culture / créativité, art, culture

Leben in Deutschland / living in Germany / vie en Allemagne

Möbel und Hausrat / furniture and household / meuble et mobilier de ménage

Rechtliche Fragen / judicial demands / questiones juridiques

Schule / school / école

Sport / sport / sport

Sprachförderung / development of language / développement de langue

Übersetzungen / translation / traduction

Überregionale Angebote / supraregional offers / suprarégional offres